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Reiki Healing Session
(60) $105 (90) $150 (120) $195
A healing technique based on the principle of energy healing. The therapist acts as a conduit of universal healing energy that flows through to client working on the energetic bodies and levels of healing. This healing art helps to balance the chakras and release trauma and energetic blockages.

Alchemical Healing 
(60) $125 (90) $165 
Alchemical Healing brings together innovative techniques from shamanism and energetic healing with the principle of alchemy creating a practical form of physical healing, wellness, spiritual coaching & growth.

Crystal Healing
(60) $105 (90) $150
Since ancient times, crystals have been used for their ability to hold a vibrant and stable energy frequency to assist humans in healing emotional blockages with can lead to physical ailments. The frequencies of crystals, color, sound, aromatherapy and the power of intention and visualization, along with Reiki healing, all combine to promote self-healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The client can expect a reduction in stress and continued healing for up to several days after a session.

Crystal Bathing 
(30) $50 (40) $60 (60) $100
A Crystal Bed has seven extremely clear and highly polished Vogel cut quart crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above the client. Each crystal has been cut to a specific frequency and is aligned above each one of the seven energy centers or Chakras. Colored lights, chosen to match the frequency of the Chakras, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective Chakra. These lights shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance and align the entire energetic field.

This modality is an extension of the work of the Spirit Doctors from Casa Dom Ignacio de Loyola in Brasil or as many people know it, the miraculous work of John of God.

Spiritual Guidance
(30) $65 (90) $125
is offered to help you understand your current needs, challenges & goals.
Through heart-centered gentle guidance and support,
​you to be able to identify what is getting in your way, what needs to go and how to make lasting changes.

Guidance is needed when your are experiencing:
Coping & Handling Transitions
Relocating, A Move
An Aging Parent
A Dark Night of the Soul
A Deep Disappear, a longing for Something New
An understanding that you're ready to take your spiritual awareness to the next level, and need support in creating that change.
Needing a compassionate ear to listen to your challenged heart, who can provide support without judgement.

There are several ways I can provide support. You can schedule an appointment or you can access immediate support by phone.

Angel Card Readings
(30) $65 (60)$95
The Angels love you. They are here to support and guild you. They will help smooth the challenges before you by providing sound and helpful advise.
I offer :
​Cards Decks.
Healing with the Angels
Daily Guidance from the Angels
Life Purpose Readings
Angel Tarot Cards

Reiki Attunements
Level 1:$150- Level 2: $175 - Level 3: $450
An attunement in Reiki is turning on the light switch of Light healing in the body so the individual can work on self healing with the Light energy. The attunement brings in high frequency healing energies which are more powerful than a regular Reiki healing session.
One can expect changes of feeling lighter less weighed down. The individual can expect changes in their daily experiences to awaken them to their highest good.