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Meet our team at Innate Sense


Studying holistic lifestyles since 2000 Monique has helped individuals better understand their bodies, and the tools to be empowered to take their health into their own hands. Monique is a passionate Wellness Advocate, who has dedicated her life to assisting others in their healing journey. Founding Innate Sense after a decade of working in spas, acupuncture centers, and health clubs. Monique dreamed up a center where her clients could receive a variety of top quality healing sessions, and alternative healing education and workshops. Graduate of Trinity Massage College with a Certificate in Holistic Health, and The Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a certified Health Coach. Monique also holds certificates as Reiki Master Teacher, Alchemical Healing Practitioner, AromaTouch Therapist, Ashiatsu Therapist, Aromatherapist, Birth Doula & Prenatal Yoga facilitator. Monique has a background of many healing modalities to offer her clients a variety of services for a truly holistic approach.
Hello, my name is Holly Falb. I graduated from National Holistic Institute in 2007 as a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator. My previous experience was in the medical field as a Medical Assistant working with a surgeon then working in the surgery department running the surgery scheduling for a busy hospital. I experienced how the medical field had become a place of hopelessness and despair. My passion had become a way to improve on healing through touch and healthy thinking, which lead me to massage and Reiki. I became a Massage Therapist to assist others in discovering how to become in tune with their own bodies in order to enable their healing processes with massage, proper nutrition, and mindful thinking; all key ingredients to living an abundant, healthy life.
Since graduating from school, I have gone on to study Reiki and become a Reiki Master/Teacher. I am educated in the benefits of a raw food diet. I’ve developed a more spiritual lifestyle through the knowledge of the law of attraction; it helps me live an abundant life. My current focus is using these skills to truly help my clients lead more productive lives. I have worked these practices in my own life and know the positive effects they have made for me.
I look forward to working with you and discovering how massage can benefit your life.
For the past fourteen years, Francia Luna has helped many clients restore function and relieve

pain. She uses an integrative approach in her sessions, with a combination of Swedish, Deep

Tissue, Cranial Sacral and Reflexology. She thrives on the balance of energy between therapist

and client, leveraging this connection to improve physical and spiritual health. As an on-call

therapist at Rosewood Sense Spa, in Menlo Park, she has massaged over 200 people. She’s

received several positive reviews and has been written up on their survey website.

Also, she has worked with Starbucks for the past eighteen years. In her current role as a

manager, she has trained and upheld customer service standards. Her leadership and nurturing

character has helped her partners in their personal growth. She is constantly working on herself

and empowers others to examine their own lives. Leaving her fulfilled with the human


The reason Francia Luna chose massage, in her own words "I love taking my clients to another

world. I find it extremely rewarding to hear how great they feel after a session with me." She

thoroughly enjoys the healing process, from weakness and fatigue to vigor and rejuvenation.

Francia has a passion for knowledge. She intends to expand her education in the holistic field.

Future courses include: Trigger Point Therapy, Dynamic stretching and Reiki.

She is deeply committed to sharing her knowledge. Ultimately, her goal as a massage therapist

is to help people live more comfortably and peacefully in their body, either by managing pain,

reducing stress, or releasing movement restrictions.

About me...   Trained in the old ways, I have been taught to "Walk in Beauty" & approach everything with love.   My training in Curanderismo, Traditional Shamanic Healing, has blessed me with the ability to share my gifts & training in a unique way.   I have been trained to serve from a compassionate heart.   Every experience in my life has deepened my connection to "Spirit". It can be said, I have graduated from the "University of Life".     While I work, I become a hollow bone, providing a safe, heart-centered container for "Spirit" and the individual to do their work.   Each individual is honored as a whole & complete being. While honoring & considering the four aspect of each individual life:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.     Everyone who comes to me is taught to stand in their power and become their true medicine.     I offer a variety of shamanic healing modalities including: “Heart-2-Heart” Consultation Personal & Spiritual Coaching Alchemical Healing Energy Cleansing Soul Retrieval Sound Healing A Weekly "Heart Breath Meditation" Empowerment Workshops Teachings and A Monthly Women's Full Moon Ceremony.   The best way to get to know me, is to experience my Free "Heart Breath Meditation".     Walking In Beauty,   Yellow Wolf Nieves     For more information go to my web site at www.yellowwolfnieves.com , or call me directly at 408-204-5563.
Candy has been practicing massage therapy for over 15 years, and has since added Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, Aromatherapy Wellness Advocate and Cranio-Sacral Therapy to her list of healing services. She is always honing her skills and adding modalities to create a well-rounded healing approach. Her passion for healing on all levels began as a teen when she had an intuitive “knowing” that everything we take in (food, beliefs, toxins, verbal/visual/audible suggestion, etc.) affects our overall wellness and our ability to lead a healthy, successful and fulfilled life. Moreover she knew that all ailments can be traced back to emotions that are stored in our bodies which, if not processed and released through massage and self-care, can lead to many of our life's problems. Her search to be her best self has led her to research the benefits of proper nutrition, herbology, Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, sound healing, breathwork, visualization techniques and meditation. She has dedicated her life to helping others live a life of wellness, joy, inspiration, abundance and total fulfillment! It's what makes her soul sing ... let's find your song!
Maria is a Reiki Master and a certified Massage Therapist, having graduated from the National Holistic Institute. She also holds a B.A from Suffolk University in Massachusetts and has trained in Sacral Cranial Therapy, Tuning Forks and Shamanic Healing. Maria started developing an inclination for the healing arts over 10 years ago as a result of a personal growth journey which began with energy cultivation practices such as Yoga, QiGong and meditation. This eventually translated into her passion for holistic healing. For the last five years, Maria has been helping her clients find inner balance and harmony, doing her job with a high level of dedication, compassion and integrity.
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