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Yellow Wolf Nieves

About me...   Trained in the old ways, I have been taught to "Walk in Beauty" & approach everything with love.   My training in Curanderismo, Traditional Shamanic Healing, has blessed me with the ability to share my gifts & training in a unique way.   I have been trained to serve from a compassionate heart.   Every experience in my life has deepened my connection to "Spirit". It can be said, I have graduated from the "University of Life".     While I work, I become a hollow bone, providing a safe, heart-centered container for "Spirit" and the individual to do their work.   Each individual is honored as a whole & complete being. While honoring & considering the four aspect of each individual life:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.     Everyone who comes to me is taught to stand in their power and become their true medicine.     I offer a variety of shamanic healing modalities including: “Heart-2-Heart” Consultation Personal & Spiritual Coaching Alchemical Healing Energy Cleansing Soul Retrieval Sound Healing A Weekly "Heart Breath Meditation" Empowerment Workshops Teachings and A Monthly Women's Full Moon Ceremony.   The best way to get to know me, is to experience my Free "Heart Breath Meditation".     Walking In Beauty,   Yellow Wolf Nieves     For more information go to my web site at www.yellowwolfnieves.com , or call me directly at 408-204-5563.

Yellow Wolf Nieves instructs the following:
  • Heart Breath Meditation
  • You will be guiding to use your breath inorder to forgive, heal & bring balanced energy to your life.
    During our time together you will experience:
    • Using your breath to ground & center yourself
    • Using your breath to maintain wellness: physically , mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
    • Sending healing energy through your body
    • Sending healing energy to our community.
    All are welcomed!

  • Egyptian Mysteries: An Introduction
  • The time has come upon the Planet for these mysteries to be revealed: however, they will remain concealed from those who do not have the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear, for they are hidden in the heart...These mysteries are protected from the uninitiated, yet available to true seekers who are willing to undergo their own shamanic renewal. Anubis the Shaman Priest, will be leading and guiding our way through the mysteries. During our time together: You will be introduced to the Egyptian Mysteries Awaken the healing power of the heart Journey to Anubis, The Shaman Priest and Renew your connection to the shamanic Mysteries of Egypt As with all my teaching circles, this workshop is designed to provide personal 1 to 1 support. With this in mind, seating for this workshop is open to the first seven people who register. To ensure you get into this workshop, be sure to register right away. If you're called to deepen your connect to the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, you'll want to join us for this amazing journey! Walking in Beauty, Yellow Wolf Nieves